Marketing in an age of COVID-19

Along with every other industry, this past year has seen unprecedented change in the world of marketing and brand promotion. The onset of Covid-19 unsurprisingly made a sizable dent in marketing budgets, which faced the highest levels of constriction in more than 20 years. The pandemic has presented us with a unique set of challenges and questions; how can brands continue to build meaningful connections with existing and new audiences? How has media consumption changed in light of lockdowns? Can brands continue to invest in experiential marketing while maintaining social distancing?

More and more companies are taking to digital platforms to increase their brand’s visibility and boost engagement with their audiences, with one questionnaire revealing that 55% of marketers are looking to bolster their social media presence as part of their marketing strategy. The importance of connecting with audiences at this time through social media should not be overlooked. As more of us retreat into hibernation over the Christmas period, it’s vital to reach out and establish sincere, meaningful connections. The NC Group can create highly specific, tailored, creative social strategies for all of our clients. Whether you’re looking to engage more effectively with customers, discover how to build your audience, strengthen client connections or promote a digital campaign – social media meets these needs.

Alongside social content, TV viewership has soared over the course of the pandemic, with high volumes of furloughed staff identified as reasoning for the increase. With more hours in the day to fill, it’s hardly surprising that Brits are spending so much of their time in front of the TV. In fact, the BBC revealed that throughout lockdown, adults spent almost 6 and a half hours a day watching TV and online videos. For those of us who have succumbed to killing time in this way rather than by learning new languages or life skills, our exposure to brands and marketing messages has only increased. So how can we capitalise on this? Using SMART AD technology, we help brands to reach their target demographic, achieving better ROI for TV campaigns.

Coronavirus has, in many sectors, leveled the playing field in market share. For those companies unable to sell their products or services in lockdown or tier restrictions, they still want to be perceived as the market leaders and be top of mind for when the world returns to some normality, PR plays the leading role to achieve this. The NC Group’s Public Relations experts can evaluate the most effective ways of communicating with both consumers and business customers in this uncertain time.

Whilst more and more brands have been moving their marketing strategies online, our Experiential and Events team has cleverly designed protocols to allow in-person campaigns to continue, despite current restrictions. We meticulously devised Covid-safe strategies allowing brands to engage with audiences in personable ways. With fewer competitors on the streets, now is a great time to push your brand’s message and make an investment in face(mask)-to-face(mask) marketing. We create unforgettable experiential campaigns, allowing you to connect with your audiences in a meaningful way.

Wherever you are after the challenges of the last year, we’d like to say THANK YOU for listening to us, trusting us and allowing us to support you and your goals.

Have a safe and happy festive period. We can’t wait to see you in 2021.