The right PPC company

Pay Per Click - or PPC as it’s also known - is an essential element of any digital marketing campaign - but finding the best PPC agency can be overwhelming: the level of detail required to implement successful PPC advertising requires experience and managing effective PPC campaigns is labour-intensive and time-consuming.

So, look no further.

At The NC Group we work to take the strain out of the search and offer a wealth of experience, specialist knowledge and cutting-edge Google reporting software to increase ROI (and, as they say in the PPC game, ‘crush competitors’).

Working alongside our PPC experts can also enable you to reduce the number of in-house resources. In short, a PPC marketing firm can cut your expenditures, improve your results, and free up your time.

You sold yet…? If not, below is a breakdown of our approach to give you further insight into how we work… read on…

Identify your objectives

Before you begin it’s important to determine what you actually want to achieve. Although PPC advertising has the potential to grow your business, you’ll want to identify specific goals and aims. 

Are you launching a new product or service? Will you be expanding into a new market? Do you want to reach a new demographic? Perhaps you simply want to generate more traffic, increase conversions, or build brand awareness? No matter what your aims are – identify them clearly. 

From there, we can drill down and turn your overall goals into measurable objectives. If you want to double your annual turnover, what percentage of this increase will come from PPC activity? What does doubling your annual turnover mean in terms of monthly and weekly figures? Are you prepared to double your budget, or do you want to maintain your current ad spend? 

Having a clear idea of what you want your campaigns to deliver will help you to find the best ROI for your company.  

Be prepared to learn

One of the advantages of working with The NC Group is securing access to specialist personnel. From campaign managers and keyword researchers to copywriters and designers; we have a range of experts on board.

Consider the cost

Marketing agencies implement different pricing structures, so this might have an impact on your budget – but again, we are here to help. Most business owners assume that performance-based fees are the most cost-effective option, but this isn’t always the case. Although you’ll only pay for results, there’s no guarantee that these results will be top quality. 

If you’re more concerned with quality than quantity, you may prefer a fee that’s based on a percentage of your ad spend. Alternatively, a flat-rate monthly fee may seem like the easiest way to access the services you need. However, this means paying the same rate regardless of results, or you may want to discuss fees and results Either way we can work with you to ensure that you get the best ROI.

Create a criteria checklist

Now you’ve started to think about the possibilities that are available, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want to gain from a PPC partnership. At this point we will create a checklist of key attributes that your PPC campaign will have.

If you’re looking for a Google Partner, add us to your criteria checklist. If your idea of the best PPC agency is one that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then again, we are the ones to choose. 

Our working style

  • We provide you with a dedicated account manager ensuring a consistent, constant communication and ‘hands on’ approach;
  • We will provide you with weekly, monthly, and quarterly report;
  • We enhance your PPC campaign as trends and demographics change;
  • We will respond to requests to change content or ad styles as your business grows.

To discuss your needs in more detail give us a call for a free consultation… we’d like to show you what we can do in terms of result and a seamless integration into your operations.

If you’re considering a PPC campaign, what do you have to lose? Contact us for some free guidance.