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German Doner Kebab

German Doner Kebab, or GDK as it’s more widely known, is the latest quick service restaurant brand to be popping up all over UK towns and cities. 

It's creators decided it was time to change the perception and reasons for choosing a kebab meal and are fast establishing themselves as a quality brand with good ingredients and excellent service, which positions GDK as a meal for working lunches and family outings - as well as at the end of a boozy Friday night. 

How do you tell your local customer base - in a cost-effective way – that kebabs in the UK are changing for the better? When it comes to driving footfall, nothing excites and educates consumers better than a well-trained Brand Ambassador delivering your key messages, providing incentives and showing the hungry public where your new store is. 

Using 3 x Brand Ambassadors and 1 x Event Manager per site we launched many of these new restaurants by giving consumers and local businesses a positive, face to face experience, supported by a ‘2 for 1’ offer to instantly drive footfall into stores. 

German Donar Kebab are confident if you try them once, you’ll be back. Our job is to fill restaurants with first time customers by creating a buzz in the local area, handing out promotional vouchers and – literally – walking people into sites to show them what’s on offer. 

Depending on each location, we worked with GDK to establish high footfall areas to target, local businesses to visit and KPIs on how many vouchers we get into the hands of new customers and the increased footfall into stores. The results were fantastic, not only providing great ROI for our client, but a long-lasting effect with consumers who remember a positive experience from a knowledgeable promotional team, introducing them to a product they love. 

The latest successful launches came amidst the coronavirus pandemic so our teams were kitted out with full PPE - masks, gloves and hand sanitizer - and remained socially distanced throughout the campaigns. Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions have left people craving familiarity and human connection, and engaging with a friendly, professional Brand Ambassador is a good step to instil confidence in the public and associate this positive feeling with your brand.