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Sell Your House South Yorkshire Podcast

Rochelle Gilburn is property matchmaker - getting the best price for people looking to sell their house quickly, while in turn helping investors find their next property. She’d built a strong following on social media and knew the value of starting a podcast - but didn’t know where to begin. 

She contacted The NC Group and booked our unique ‘Podcast Strategy Day’. “I'd wanted to start a podcast for a while, but I didn’t really know where to start,” Rochelle says. “James from The NC Group made it really clear what we were going to do in terms of the planning and how the day was structured, so that I could get the most out of it and come away knowing exactly what the plan for my podcast is and take it to the next level.” 

Rochelle wasn’t sure if the podcast should promote her business (and if so, which parts) or be based around her personal brand - which are all based around honesty and integrity. After a morning of brainstorming and strategic planning, it became clear the property podcast market is already a busy one - but without a show which strips everything back and just ‘tells it like it is’. 

The end result was Rochelle’s Real Property Podcast - matching her brand values and giving her freedom to cover issues relevant to both her company and her personal brand. “It was great to be able to bounce ideas off each other in the planning stage. I didn’t really know what I wanted from a podcast but James came with some brilliant ideas and they matched what I was looking for.” 

Of course, the day isn’t just about forming the concept. Rochelle and James worked up a plan for her first six months of podcast episodes, a format for the show, and talked through all the equipment and technical needs. “I didn’t know where to start with the technical side, but it’s way more straightforward than I expected. James explained everything that I needed to and as part of the package I got a mic to keep and the software needed to record podcasts. ” 

They sourced the right music for the podcast, wrote and recorded a trailer for it - right there in her office - set up the podcast hosting, completed all the settings and submitted the show to Apple Podcasts and Spotify. “I’m really excited about getting my podcast up and running now that I have a clear plan and vision for the future, how it’s going to run, and where it can go. I see now the main thing a podcast can do for my business and brand is to build trust - letting people get to know me. I have people who are trusting me with their money and people trusting me to give them the best price for their house. I want to make sure I can build a good relationship with clients and customers, and that they know I’m here to support them and help them in the best way possible. 

The podcast was approved by Spotify later the same day, and by Apple a couple of days later - allowing Rochelle to dive straight into producing content and getting it out there to the world. 

For more information on recording a podcast for your business get in touch hello@thencgroup.co.uk  0345 230 4674